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From Negative to Positive (Inspirational MUST-WATCH Video by Derrick, a Holy Teacher)

Everyone no matter how rich, popular, or high in their personal discipline level can suddenly fall into the trap of feeling insignificant, depression, self-destruction. Getting out of that trap may be done internally for highly self-disciplined people. On the other hand, one can escape from it externally by listening to music, talking to someone you love, or watching a video with holy messages like Derrick’s — video “Dope, Soap, & Hope” created by Zarias.

Here’s what happened to me two hours ago:

chatting with my girlfriend who is not even on the same continent, I was exhausted and saw the clock ticking past 10:30 pm. Another week just flew by again.

While preparing to get to bed soon, I suddenly felt numbness in my head, my heart, and my soul.

I thought I finally put my first step. I thought I hopped on track. I thought I was at least moving forward, believing that I was striving, learning, and growing. But I got struck by a question: “what have I done this week? Barely anything’s achieved, feeling unfulfilled.

I started falling into the trap of gloom.

maybe to avoid showing my depression, I closed the chat. opened the internet, and pulled out one of bookmarked blogs I follow. I randomly came to Dave’s blog LifeExcursion

glanced at his new post: Inspired, and played the video.

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* For those who are too busy to spend 10 minutes on this video, you can just fast-forward to 7:30 to listen to Derrick’s lesson.

Derick’s message is Universal. It was not to one specific individual but to the world. Through his message, Derrick was changing the world. And as one individual of the world, I was hit so hard by Derrick’s message deep in my heart.

summarizing his messages that greatly impacted my inner core:

Never allow yourself to believe that you’re insignificant without acceptance, the latest clothes or the finest things.
Everything takes time. So, be patient with yourself and pace yourself
Make small and large goals – By achieving your small goals, you get closer to your large goals.
You’ll continually grow and gain confidence and self esteem
Everybody feels depressed at times
Learn to pick the happy thoughts or find things that motivate us
You can’t let your down or depressed self make bad decisions or give up
You’re not living alone.
Even if you don’t see it, you’re not just helping yourself, but you’re helping others too.

Derrick just pulled me out of the slump just like angel with this quote:

“We need to find things that are motivating to us and dwell on those things because it is so easy to fall into a slump, and then use that slump as an excuse to make bad choices or to give up.”

I hope you have learned a holy lesson from this Angel who’s got the  kindest smile ever. As Derrick mentions in his video, you are not just helping yourself, but you are helping others too. Just as Derrick helped me out of trap, I now want to help anyone out there by spreading his holy lesson.

If you are inspired by Derrick as much as I got, please donate to Derick whatever amount you feel like to.

Whenever you feel the same way as I did, just come watch “Dope, Soap, & Hope” and make a transition from negative to positive.