Hey there, I am Bryan KeunYoung Chang (장근영).


I thinks it’s weird and funny (thanks a bunch, though) that you are about to learn about ME, a typical college kid with an atypically huge dream and naively robust faith. Anyway, here’s who and what I am:

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea until August 2004. Went to high school in Twin Cities, MN; at the same time, studied full-time at University of Minnesota–Carlson School of Business for 2 years. finished college math courses while in high school through University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP).

Now, I am a undergraduate student studying Business-economics at UCLA. Currently being a part-time student and working first internship at Stelliam Corporation (entrepreneurial real estate investment firm) since Spring 2009. That opened my eyes to the world of real estate (investment), which I believe is one of the most interesting segments. I am and will be in the continuous process of learning–  from my boss a.k.a mentor, books, blogs, seminars, and whatever it is to enlighten me.

My entrepreneurial flame got lightened at a small event thrown by my business frat, Alpha Kappa Psi. The guest speaker Jun Loayza spoke about entrepreneurship and social media. I know he is a great passionate speaker. Fascinated by the lifestyle he described I felt I must pusue the very core spirit of mine–entrepreneurship. I talked with him briefly after event, got his business card, and went on his blog. That’s when I met the social media and the kingdom of Gen-Y. I was again enlightened. I started reading posts on and off, but got into it religiously serious since July 09.

I fully regret that I found out this world of social media and blogosphere not too long ago. But really lucky to get into this world now. I will be blunt now (to you and to myself): If you think it is late, it REALLY is late. Nonetheless, it’s the time you embark when it is really late, but not yet over. I finally start my blog and am so glad. I know there are infinite great blogs out already; hopefully my really-late-but-not-deadly blog will jump into that categorie.

Here, you will find  a lifestory of a typical college kid with atypically humungous dreams and naively firm faith; thoughts and on-going lessons on following subjects: real estate (investment), entrepreneurship, minimalism, (maybe) a bit of style (not fashion).

then, Nolja 놀자! (meaning “let’s have fun” in Korean)

Maybe you have already found that I am not a good writer. I have not been a reading/writing type of person. But I have a gut to overcome that fear and criticisms. F that. I am fully confident of myself and my great skill — learning fast. Although it took me absurdly long time to write this post, this is the start and I know I will conquer this writing skill, and will be comfortable. Thanks again for reading all this :)


2 responses to “who

  1. Hi Bryan! I got here from Black Sheep and your comment about sailing around the world – i’ve also got the same dream, although without the year time limit you’ve given yourself.

    I couldn’t help myself from posting a comment – partly because no one else has, but more importantly because I can relate to you.

    This is my opinion; you can’t be late to find something. You’ll find something WHEN you’ve found it and that WHEN is determined by a million other factors. You may even PIONEER something else from this very find – if that were to come true, would you still be late?

    Good idea on removing the final paragraph, i’ve never been a reader/writer either – until NOW. Time and focus will bring results.

    Thanks for the insight into what you’re about


  2. Can’t wait to read more….I tweeted your site so hopefully it will drive some people here. Hit me on the TWITTER… @LIFEEXCURSION


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