eh, why bother a blog ? (pt.1)

kid bloggers

I honestly do not know how you entered the blogosphere, nor am I aware of the reason you started blogging.

For me, the world of blogosphere was introduced by Jun Loayza (A successful young entrepreneur) after talking to him in person at one event at  which he gave a speech to undergraduate students. For fun, I just checked out the website on his business card without knowing that it was a blog. I read on and surfed around through the links. That was a mere beginning. On and off.

My serious blogging, however, was adopted about a month (August 2009) ago, and continually found great value blogs along the way. Leading myself into value blogs was gradually changing my whole life. I not only learned uncountable lessons in every sector of my life, but also applied to my reality. Bam, I was growing consciously via blogs. After few weeks of exploring blogosphere, I found out its own irresistible strength in “Blog”. Now, I want to share some benefits of blogs and its reason to get viral in both online and offline world.

1) Learning from others’ experience

The life-long asset a person can possess is a book. Book is a collection of life, experience, and knowledge of an author. Book shows me a life that I might never experience on hand. Blog is a smaller version of book. Like a book, a blog reflects other people’s lives. I learn by reading other people’s thoughts. I attain new insights on various fields: social media, personal development, finance, entrepreneurship, career, minimalism, health, love, and more. The contents may be biased, but I am the one who absorbs them on my own terms. At last, I discern what is right and wrong.

2) Like-minded people; filter others out

In the overflowing insights of blogosphere, I tend to like one over another, naturally leading me to follow more easily. I naturally am more attracted to those in which I find commonalities. No one is loved by everyone, not even Barack Obama. I love how Chris Guillebeau puts “I don’t write to everyone.” Just like in a real world, bloggers click with each other. Love or leave. This way, like-minded people on blogosphere create stronger bond easier than in real life. Blogs easily filter out those who are not your type.

3) Authentic

One of the reasons you get to meet like-minded people so easily on blogosphere or social media is due to the Genuineness. Bloggers put out thoughts on their own platform without anyone interrupting. Some might disagree and leave negative comments. But those naysayers cannot control the blog they ids, for it’s not their site. By being true to yourself and keeping the authenticity on his/her own world, blog creates its own style and aura around over time.

4) Approachable

Best-selling book authors sometimes seem (at least to me) to be too high-up-there to really make myself connected to the preach and context. Mostly, a reader barely gets to know how the best-selling authors used to be or live their daily life. Yet, blog posts are updated regularly enough to actually see what is happening to the author. The blog paths give a easy-to-approach feel. Every well-respected blog is not created over one night. I easily find relief by reading the first posts of well-known blog, for the admirable figure once was like just a normal person (or not) like me. This forms a ground of commonality and hope I could be like them.

5) Alive interaction

However greatly a book provokes a communication with a reader, its communication is limited. Book readers ponder and question oneself throughout reading. But, there still lie some mysterious questions that a reader cannot solve. Most readers give up and closes a book with the content of finishing another book; few serious might find a way to contact an author to resolve the questioning appetite. Although book is a great medium to communicate within and provoke thoughts, it may not be the best to get direct answers.
On the other hand, most blogs are composed of contents plus comment on the bottom. There, readers can interactively communicate with an author, asking questions that are answered by an author. How grateful! Even if there is no comment section, “Contact” icon is thankfully provided.

6) Easy-read
Self-disclaimer: I had NEVER been a reader in my life. I was both externally and internally forced to try many times but never worked out, and concluded that I can naturally not befriend with books.

That might have been due to the fact that a book was too long to finish. Those thick books with 200-500 pages might have frightened me from even opening a book. But miraculously, since I encountered the blogosphere, I find myself sitting in a papasan chair, reading BOOKS! Blog posts with a range of 500-1000 words was far much easier to complete. It felt accomplished when I scrolled down to the comments after reading a whole context. Whispering to myself “Yes, I absorbed another piece of information.” This small steps of accomplishments kept me motivated to read further.

Did I miss any greatness of blog? what do you think is the x-factor of blog to be viral? Share your own experience and first encounter of blogosphere !


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